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I was asked to do a photoshoot for a local music and training company at Grenada Old Studios, located in Central Manchester. The brief was to capture clear images of their recording gear and for a few straight portraits of their designer and head of design. The images would be multi purpose, for website and promotional material.

Conditions weren’t ideal.  The room was a tiny box approximately ten by twelve with no natural light.  In fact the only light came from the tiny halogen lamps recessed into the ceiling.  The walls, floor and ceiling were all strong reds and purples.  A photographers nightmare.

Luckily I had my speedlights with me together with my magic clips.  I call them that because they’re clips you can fasten virtually anywhere, to clamp your speedlites to, and  they’re just magic! I used three or four lights in the end, using gels to get some control over the colours and setting custom white balance in camera.  There weren’t many colour shots in the end though as the client preferred monochrome.

At the end of the day we were exhausted, it had been a long and hard assignment with problems popping up every time we thought we’d figured it all out.  I’m the kind of photographer who enjoys the challenges though and I look back on the day with fondness.

Here are a few of the final images complete with custom watermarking:

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Modu Heart