A Few ‘Super-Macro’ Shots with the X10

Earlier today I had a little impromptu macro session using just the Fujifilm X10 set to ‘Super Macro’, which allows you to focus as close as 1 cm away from the subject.  These shots a simple things found in the back yard and kitchen only shot in available light, nothing complicated.  All images were shot as Jpeg only and I played about with them a little using Apple Photo.  I wasn’t concerned with editing Jpegs as all it is is a little fun.  No printing or pixel peeping was intended and I wasn’t worried about image quality, so I am more than happy with the results.

Fujifilm X10 Macro

This first shot is actually a close up of a cheap bottle of mineral water, the beads and droplets are on the inside of the bottle. Shot in B&W+R, cropped to 1:1 and a blue tint added.  If I use my imagination I can see all sorts of wonderful things in this picture, what looks a little like a sharks eye bottom right, a large cloudy planet with a moon orbiting it at the bottom… Photography doesn’t always have to be ‘off’ something, sometimes it’s good to get abstract and use your imagination. (By the way it’s alright if you don’t ‘see’ what I see in the above picture!)

Fujifilm X10 Macro

Here we have air bubbles suspended in hand sanitiser. I used the window light coming through the bottle and shot in B&W+R. Slightly more contrast added in post.

Fujifilm X10 Macro

Delicate moss growing on top of a wall.

Fujifilm X10 Macro

This little guy is growing out of the garden wall.

Fujifilm X10 Macro

And here it is in Velvia.

Fujifilm X10 Macro

Another “weed” growing out of the wall, shot in Velvia. I love the depth of the blacks the Fuji can produce! I haven’t altered any exposure values in any of these images at all, this is what you can get if you’re creative and think ‘outside the box’, the ambient light was very dull and grey (this is Manchester after all!) but in close you can really get dramatic light and because the Fuji screen will accurately reflect how the end picture will look it’s really easy to get the exposure you want.


A Few ‘Super-Macro’ Shots with the X10

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